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Các ví dụ của anniversary


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It would be a pity to lớn have to lớn wait for another anniversary to lớn prompt further performances.

Other distributions were often carried out on the anniversaries of benefactors.

As a related special sự kiện, the 20th anniversary of two-level morphology was celebrated.

Accordingly, it is worth reevaluating this classic on the fortieth anniversary of its first publication.

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That is, was the 1558 "anniversary" date - at 140 rather kêu ca 400 days after the 1557 anniversary-used as the base for future anniversaries?

Perhaps the passage of the golden anniversary of this operation should stimulate a degree of reflection among surgeons and cardiologists.

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The anniversary statements indicate the day on which the 400day year ended.

A similar assessment was conducted at the time of the recipient's third anniversary of their transplant.

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