hana and jenifer are talking about a book they have just read


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    Hana and Jenifer are talking about a book they have just read.

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    - Hana: “The book is really interesting and educational.”

    -Jenifer: “_________.”

    • A. That’s nice of you to tát say so
    • B. I’d love it
    • C. Don’t mention it
    • D. I couldn’t agree more

    Lời giải tham ô khảo:

    Đáp án đúng: D

    Đáp án D

    Kiến thức: Văn hoá phó tiếp

    Giải thích:

    Tạm dịch: Hana và Jenifer đang được nói đến một cuốn sách mà người ta vừa vặn hiểu.

    - Hana: "Cuốn sách thiệt thú vị và đem tính dạy dỗ."

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    -Jenifer: "_________."

    A. Thật tuyệt khi chúng ta trình bày vì vậy.                             B. Tôi quí nó.

    C. Đừng nhắc đến nó                                               D. Tôi ko thể đồng ý rộng lớn.

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  • A smile can be observed, described, and reliably identify; it can also be elicited and manipulated under experimental conditions.
  • It was suggested that he studies the material more thoroughly before attempting to tát pass the exam.
  • Some methods to tát prevent soil erosion are plowing parallel with the slope of hills, to tát plant trees on unproductive land, and rotating crops.
  • Marco Polo’s tài khoản of his travels has been invaluable to tát historians.
  • Satish’s point of view was correct but his behavior with his father was quite impertinent.
  • Kenny asked for permission to tát smoke, but his colleague couldn’t put up with the smoke.- Kenny: Do you mind if I smoke in here?”
  • Hana and Jenifer are talking about a book they have just read.- Hana: The book is really interesting and educational.”-Jenifer: _________.”
  • We found the bad weather very inconvenient. We chose to tát find a place for the night.
  • She tried very hard to tát pass the driving test. She could hardly pass it.
  • She simply took it for granted that the kiểm tra was good and did not ask him any questions about it.
  • Juan Manuel Santos was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize năm nhâm thìn for his resolute efforts to tát bring the country’s more than vãn 50-year-long civil war to tát an over.
  • The topic of the passage is ________.
  • The word 'mechanisms” in paragraph 1 is most likely ________.
  • It can be inferred from the passage that, in summer, ________.
  • The word 'benign” in paragraph 3 is closest in meaning to tát ________.
  • The expression 'in concert” in paragraph 3 could best be replaced by ________.
  • The word 'itself” in paragraph 3 refers to tát ________.
  • All of the following are mentioned in the passage about supercells EXCEPT that they ________.
  • This reading would most probably be assigned in which of the following courses?
  • I know we had an argument, but I know I’d quite lượt thích to tát ______.
  • It is vital that everyone ______ aware of the protection of the environment.
  • My uncle was ______ ill last summer; however, fortunately, he is now making a slow but steady recovery.
  • All of her sons joined the army when the war broke ______.
  • This is the second time you ______ your door key.
  • Her fiance is said ______ from Harvard University five years ago.
  • This is ______ the most difficult job I’ve ever had to tát tự.
  • The number of higher education ______ has risen this year for the first time in more than vãn a decade.
  • Not until 1856 ______ across the Mississippi River.
  • At first sight I met her, I was impressed with her ______ eyes.
  • ______ the film’s director, Ben Affleck, was famously left off the 85th Oscar’s Best Director list of nominees surprised everyone.
  • I love this painting of an old man. He has such a beautiful ______ smile.
  • What does the passage mainly discuss?
  • The phrase 'in season” in paragraph 1 refers to
  • The word prevent” in paragraph 1 is closest in meaning to
  • During the 1860’s, canned food products were
  • It can be inferred that railroad refrigerator cars came into use
  • The word 'them” in paragraph 2 refers to
  • The author implies that in the 1920’s and 1930’s trang chủ deliveries of ice
  • Had the advertisement for our product been better, more people would have bought it.
  • 'How beautiful you are today!” he said.
  • The sooner we solve this problem, the better it will be for all concernd.